– The GoldenGyms Services & Techniques warranty covers only the parts and service related to the
exercise equipment purchased by the company exclusively for the treadmills
– The warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the fitness equipment from the company and covers the
a period of one year.
– The replacement or not of spare parts is at the discretion of the authorised technicians. There is no
replacement of the instrument.
– The treadmill is repaired either a)in the repair area of the specialized technician, or b)in the special area
the company’s authorised representative, or c) at the customer’s premises.
– Any repair costs outside of these areas are the responsibility of the customer.
– The transportation costs of the instrument to and from the repair site are borne by the customer.
– Damage shall be repaired within a reasonable period of time.
– Claims for compensation for extension of the restoration period due to force majeure are excluded

The GoldenGyms Services & Techniques guarantee is NOT valid in the following circumstances:

a. When the device is used professionally, such as in gyms, physiotherapy centres, hotels and in
any professional space.
b. Where an attempt has been made to repair the damage by a person not authorised by the company
c. Where the damage is the result of incorrect assembly or use or faulty electrical installation or use
installation, such as incorrect adjustment of components, cut cables, voltage fluctuations in the
local network of the PPC, etc.
d. When the components have been damaged through the fault of the user, such as broken plastic parts, wear and tear
due to movement, especially on gymnastics tracks: worn belt due to incorrect adjustment,
incorrect or incomplete lubrication of the carpet, etc.
e. Where the wear concerns components considered to be consumable such as the rolling bearing mat, drive belts, drive pulleys, drive belt, drive belt tensioners, and drive shaft, the
plastic or foam parts.
f. Lubrication of the treadmill is one of the most important obligations of the user. Insufficient fertilisation increases
friction, and in addition to leading to gradual wear, fraying and destruction of the roller belt,
it overloads and ultimately destroys the motor and other circuits of the engine. Damage of this type
NOT covered by warranty. Lubrication shall be carried out: a) before the first use of the treadmill, b) after
from 30 hours of use depending on the use made; and (c) after prolonged non-use/immobilisation of the
aisle where the lubricant is drying out and needs to be replenished.